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School sports days at West Ham Park

Date updated: 4/04/2023

With its 400m athletics track, 100m track and marked out rounders pitches, the park is the ideal place to hold your school sports day. 


School sports day fees from 1 April 2023
Facility Price
Rounders (per pitch) £25
400m track (per day) £65
100m track (per day) £24
School sports day (<100 participants) £95
School sports day (<500 participants) £131
School sports day (>500 participants) On request


Email the West Ham Park team for details.


 To make your sports day a success, please note:

  • a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice must be given for track and rounders bookings
  • vehicles are not permitted on site
    • if you require any assistance with equipment please let us know so that transport might be arranged on the day with a keeper (additional charges may apply)
  • loudspeakers or microphones are not permitted
  • erected structures such as tents or gazebos are not permitted
  • please collect any rubbish left after the event
    • black bags can be supplied if required. Bags can be left near a bin in the park at the end of the day
  • an invoice will be raised prior to your event