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Date created: 9/09/2020

In addition to these specialist gastronomic collections, we hold many related works covering the history of cookery, brewing, agriculture and domestic science.

The André Simon collection

This collection is based on the personal library of the late André Simon (1877-1970), the eminent food writer and historian. André Simon studied at Guildhall Library as a young man in the early 1900's and was a personal friend of the then Guildhall Librarian. His research at the library led to the publication of his first book and the collection was placed here as a result of his links with the library and also because the International Wine and Food Society, which André Simon founded, wanted his library to be accessible to the public and properly maintained. Every year all the short-listed works for the André Simon Food Book Awards are donated to the Library and added to this growing collection. The International Wine and Food Society/André Simon works can be identified in the catalogue by the location code AS.

The Library of the Institute of Masters of Wine

This collection of books, pamphlets and journals covers wine appreciation and production methods. It is used not only by students preparing for the Masters of Wine examination, but also by writers and academics researching their subjects and by those who simply wish to widen their knowledge of wine.

The Institute of Masters of Wine was founded in 1955, however, its library was developed from the Masters of Wine Library, a unique collection of books, maps, periodicals and papers housed at Guildhall Library. The collection must be the finest assembly of wine and wine-related books in the country that is available to the public. Institute of Masters of Wine items can be identified on the catalogue by the location code WTC (for Wine Trade Club).

The Elizabeth David collection

Elizabeth David (1913-1992) wrote cookery books that inspired and influenced a whole generation. Ms David was a self taught cook whose interest in cookery was formed and stimulated by living and cooking in France, Italy, Greece, Egypt and India. Her first book Mediterranean food appeared in 1950 and is still a classic of English cookery writing. Included in the collection are annotated compliment slips and annotated notes, often witty and acerbic!

To identify Elizabeth David in the catalogue use code ED.

Wine lists

We also hold wine lists from wine merchants, clubs and societies, most of which are available on 48 hours notice. The exceptions are those with a Library pressmark (eg AS pam 5067) which are available without notice.

Email Guildhall Library Team for a full list​​.