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Date updated: 21/07/2023

We offer three set school group visits, all of which are:

  • Two hours long
  • Maximum 30 pupils
  • Free of charge

If our existing visits are not relevant, it is possible to create your own according to the subject focus of your students. Why not call us for an informal chat on 020 7332 1868 to see what we can offer you.

Plague, storytelling and historical sources

We show you a variety of original sources and contemporary accounts on the Great Plague. Students will be invited to think about how interpretations of the past have been constructed, make connections, analyse trends and begin to formulate valid historical questions. Pupils will also be treated to an atmospheric plague storytelling session in the medieval crypt under the Guildhall which will be followed by a creative writing workshop.

This session is suitable for key stage two.

London’s Dreadful Visitation: The Great Plague, 1665 – available for hire

The Great Plague was a haunting event in the City of London, wiping out almost 100,000 people. Whether young or old, man or woman, saint or sinner, it killed mercilessly and changed London forever.

Guildhall Library's exhibition takes you through plague material, from books to broadsides, which reveal more information about this devastating period of our history.

This exhibition consists of eight pull-up banners and is available to hire for display in museums, schools and similar organisations. If you are interested please email Guildhall Library Events, or 020 7331 1871.