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City of London Tree Trail

Date created: 6/29/2020

Tree Trails: Self-guided Walk PDF (4MB)

Date submitted: 12/09/19

This tree trail provides a fascinating and fun guide to some of the most interesting trees and heritage sites the City has to offer, accessible to all visitors, workers and residents – young and old.

The City is a great showcase for the diverse range of trees that can grow within often harsh and challenging urban environments. There are nearly 2,500 individual trees in the City, made up of around 70 different species.

As you will learn along the trail, trees are a vital part of cities, they absorb pollution and carbon dioxide;attract a diverse range of wildlife; absorb water, helping to reduce flooding; bring city dwellers in contact with nature; provide places for children to play; create peaceful spaces for people to relax and socialise; provide shade; and can even reduce the air temperature in hot summers.

This trail is a celebration of the diverse tree population and history of the Square Mile. It is also intended to highlight the importance of urban trees across the world and the need for people to continue planting and caring for them. We hope you enjoy your time on the trail and discover something new along the way.