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Remembrancer's Office - Working with Parliament

Like many other organisations, the City of London Corporation regularly engages with Parliament on issues in which it has particular experience or expertise, helping MPs and Peers to debate and make decisions informed by a wide range of evidence.

Within the City Corporation, the Remembrancer's Office is responsible for leading on this engagement. One of the principal ways in which the office engages is via the submission of evidence to parliamentary select committees. In recent years, the office has submitted evidence to parliamentary committees on a wide range of topics, reflecting the breadth of work undertaken by the City Corporation.

These submissions draw on the knowledge and expertise of every part of the City Corporation and City of London Police, and have contributed to inquiries as diverse as on the Single Market, the funding of arts and heritage, housing, support for apprenticeships and psychoactive substances, to name a few.

A full list of the submissions made to parliamentary select committees from 2010 to the present can be found below, searchable by Committee and Policy Area. To see all the submissions made to a particular Committee, select the relevant committee and 'All Policies'.

Jobs, Growth and Productivity

External linkDate submitted: 15/06/2021

Evidence submitted to the Treasury Committee's inquiry into jobs, growth and productivity after coronavirus.

EU Exit - UK Border

External linkDate submitted: 23/11/2021

Evidence submitted to the Public Accounts Committee's inquiry into the UK's exit from the EU and the UK border, which considered issues relevant to the City Corporation's function as a Port Health Authority such as live animal transport.

Youth Unemployment

External linkDate submitted: 30/06/2021

Evidence submitted to the Lords Youth Unemployment Committee regarding the City Corporation's work to support young people into employment.

Trade in Goods - Supplementary Evidence

External linkDate submitted: 28/10/2021

Supplementary evidence submitted to the European Affairs Committee as part of their inquiry into UK-EU trade in goods.

Mapping the Path to Net Zero - Local Authorities and Net Zero

External linkDate submitted: 9/09/2021

Evidence submitted to the Environmental Audit Committee on the City of London Corporation's Climate Action Strategy and the role of local authorities in achieving 'net zero'.

Online Safety Bill

External linkDate submitted: 27/09/2021

Evidence submitted to the Joint Committee on the Online Safety Bill calling for online fraud to be included in the Bill's provisions.

The Impact of COVID-19 on DCMS Sectors

External linkDate submitted: 1/06/2020

Written evidence to the DCMS Committee inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 on the creative, culture and tourism sectors. The submission considered the importance of the sectors to the City of London, the impact of COVID-19, and the future need to focus on stimulating demand and reactivating supply chains, as well as the need for government support for DCMS sectors.

Post-Pandemic Growth and Levelling Up

External linkDate submitted: 1/10/2020

Written submission to the BEIS Committee inquiry into post-pandemic levelling-up. The submission considered the City Corporation's work with regional partners to promote the financial services sector and economic growth across the UK

Post-Pandemic Economic Growth

External linkDate submitted: 1/09/2020

Written submission to the BEIS Committee inquiry into post-pandemic economic growth, which considered the role of financial services in the recovery, the future implications for tax and spending, and the need to embed sustainability into finance to ensure a 'green recovery'.