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Date updated: 12/06/2024

"The City of London forms part of London as a whole, along with the 32 London boroughs who have responsibility for local government services within their local area"


London covers an area of 607 square miles with a population of over 8.5m and is administered by the Greater London Authority (GLA). Based in City Hall, the GLA is governed by the Mayor of London, currently Sadiq Khan, and the London Assembly. It provides the wider strategic direction for the capital and its policies cover all 32 boroughs and the City of London.


The City of London (the Square Mile)

The City of London, also known as the Square Mile, is the financial district of London. It is the ancient core from which the rest of London developed. It has been a centre for settlement, trade, commerce and ceremony since the Roman period, producing a unique historic environment of exceptional richness and significance.

One of the reasons the Square Mile is unique, is the number of people who live, work and visit. In just 1.12 square miles, the City of London counts 8,600 residents, 614,500 workers and millions of domestic and international visitors. The City of London boundaries stretch from Temple to the Tower of London, on the River Thames including, from west to east Chancery Lane and Liverpool Street.

City of London boundaries

The City of London Corporation

Based in Guildhall, the City Corporation looks after and promotes the City of London. It is headed by the Lord Mayor with the Court of Common Council being its main decision-making body. We are a uniquely diverse organisation, with a role that goes beyond that of an ordinary local authority. We have our own government (the oldest in the country with origins pre-dating Parliament), our own Lord Mayor and independent police force.

As the governing body of the Square Mile, we are dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK. We aim to achieve and support the following objectives:

  • Diverse Engaged Communities
  • Dynamic Economic Growth
  • Leading Sustainable Environment
  • Vibrant Thriving Destination
  • Providing Excellent Services
  • Flourishing Public Spaces.

Our reach extends far beyond the Square Mile’s boundaries and across private, public and voluntary sector responsibilities. This, along with our independent and non-party political voice and convening power, enables us to promote the interests of people and organisations across London and the UK and play a valued role on the world stage.

Find out more about our vision in our Corporate Plan 2024-29.

What we are responsible for

We provide local government services for residents and City workers based in the Square Mile, but not those of other boroughs. If you are unsure which borough you need to contact, find your local council will help you find the website for your local authority.

However, our unique role means that our reach does extend beyond the City to include:

Services covering the whole Greater London area