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Date updated: 11/07/2022

If you are a new business that has recently moved into the City, or you are an existing business and you need to update your details, please complete the City Workplace Survey using the link below:

Complete the City Workplace Survey

Once we have received your details, we will send you a Voter Registration Form in the Autumn. Please name a suitable contact to receive the form. The period for registering voters runs from September to 16 December each year and the Ward Lists (the lists of voters for City Ward elections) are updated annually.

Businesses and other organisations that are entitled to nominate voters were sent registration forms at the end of August. The forms were sent to a named individual who is responsible for nominating the voters for their organisation. If we have a business email contact, we will also have sent it via email. 

No changes can be made to the Ward List throughout the year

Provisional Ward Lists, showing those who will be included on the revised lists for the following year, are published by 30 November. These are available for inspection at the Electoral Services office. The revised Ward Lists are then published and used for local elections taking place between 16 February 2022 and 15 February 2023.

Sole traders

Also known as sole proprietorship or simply a proprietorship. A business that is owned and run by one individual. Only the sole trader can be registered as a voter in the City and they must be over 16 years of age, and a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen.


This relates to people who are equity partners of firms (without limited liability), for example legal chambers. Firms with limited liability are considered Qualifying Bodies. Partners appointed as voters in the City must be over 16 years of age, and a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen.

Qualifying body

This is any incorporated or unincorporated body apart from a partnership occupying premises in the City of London. This includes retail units, bars and restaurants, limited companies, limited liability partnerships, charities, trade associations, livery companies, churches and other religious bodies, banks and hospital trusts. If you are a sole trader or partnership you still get to vote but will need a different form.

The number of voters that the qualifying body can appoint will depend on the size of the workforce. Organisations with a workforce of nine or less can appoint one voter; those with up to 50 can appoint one voter for every five; those with more than 50 can appoint 10 voters and one additional voter for every 50 members of the workforce over the initial 50. In each case the remainders are ignored.

To register to vote you must be aged 16 on 1 September on the relevant qualification year (you must be 18 to vote), have worked for the company for more than 12 months and be a British citizen or a citizen of one of the Commonwealth, British Overseas Territories or EU member states.

The law requires that your voters reflect your workforce. You should, where possible, register a diverse cross-section of your organisation and should avoid only registering senior staff.

The process of appointing voters should be open and clear.

If your organisation has staff networks, who represent the interests of the wider workforce, these can provide a perfect source of voting representatives. Please use your full voter allocation - to ensure as many colleagues as possible are able to help shape the City's future.

How you get appointed as voter

If you qualify to stand under the selection criteria, you should contact the relevant contact in your organisation of your interest. Appointments are made internally by the qualifying bodies.

Nominating voters

​If you want to make sure your business is able to nominate voters during the next registration canvass, email the Electoral Services Team. They will be able to find out the current status of your business and ensure that you are included when the Ward Lists are next updated.

If you want to know who is responsible for nominating the voters at your business, email the Electoral Services Team and they will find out for you.

If organisations occupy more than one office in the City, each office have the right to appoint a voter

The number of votes is determined by the size of the workforce in each building, not as an aggregate. So, even if those offices are in the same ward, as long as individuals work in those offices concerned and the offices are not physically linked.

Objecting about ward list inaccuracy

Forms on which to make claims or objections will be available from the Electoral Services Office when draft voting lists are published in November.

Voting process

Voters will be informed in writing when and where any elections will take place. They can vote in person at a polling station within their ward or, equally, the City of London welcomes postal votes (proxy voting is also an option).

Aldermen and Common Councillors (Members) in the City of London ward elections. They make up the City of London’s Court of Common Council – its main decision making body. The City of London provides local government services for the Square Mile.

Aldermen are elected for a six year term but unlike Common Councillors, they are not all elected at the same time. Although City wide elections are some years away, it is important to register now so that you are able to vote in Aldermanic and by-elections as they occur.

Ward List and the Register of Electors

These are two separate documents. The Ward List is used for the City's elections of Aldermen and Common Councillors and the Register of Electors is used for Parliamentary, European Parliamentary and Greater London Authority elections.

About the voters

  • You are free to exercise their vote as they wish. The vote is a secret ballot just like all other elections.
  • You can vote in the City as well as at my home address, provided you do not live in the City.
  • One person have all the nominated votes. The system is one vote per person.
  • You can only be registered once and can only have one vote.