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Date updated: 7/04/2024
Did you know we're the only Heathrow live animal facility that can provide your dog with its own outdoor run?

Where do I start?

Your pet will need to comply with The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) to enter the UK without serving statutory quarantine. Please see our Pet Travel Scheme page or visit take pets abroad on the Government website for guidance.

We recommend you employ the services of a IPATA pet shipper. The agent is responsible for organising every aspect of your pet's relocation including booking their flight, sourcing a suitable travel container, airline check-in, and nominating a UK agent who will arrange clearance through UK customs.

Pets travelling to Heathrow must be booked as manifest cargo in the hold of the plane. You can view a list of approved airlines.

Please ensure your pet transport agent gives you our pet information sheet. We request you complete one for each of your pets and attach the completed copies to their travel containers. We recommend your secure two portions of your pet’s usual food to the outside of its container, and secure a collar and lead to the outside of your dog's container.

How much does it cost?

Your pet agent will provide a more comprehensive breakdown of the total fees to relocate your pet. The total cost of transporting your pet depends on many variables such as airline handling fees, length of their journey, the weight of your pet(s) and the size of the container(s).

HARC fees will be included by your pet transport agent as part of the total charges. Our handling fees are as follows:

  • £95 to collect the pet(s) from the aircraft
  • If a pre-check is performed on your Pet Travel Scheme paperwork: £195 boarding and £49 for each additional pet when you have more than one
  • If a pre-check is not performed on your Pet Travel Scheme paperwork: £268 boarding and £49 for each additional pet when you have more than one

Ask your agent about the pre-checking service and the documents required.

What happens when my pet lands at Heathrow?

We will transport your pets from the aircraft to our facility in one of our climate controlled vehicles. On arrival your pet will be released into its own kennel with access to fresh water, food and bedding area. Cats have access to a litter tray and dogs have access to an outdoor run. Dog/cat food can only be imported with your pet if the food is commercially packaged and sealed.

Your pet's paperwork will be checked for compliance with the PETS scheme. Non-commercial shipments are checked by HARC staff and commercial shipments are checked by APHA. Once compliance checks have been completed your UK nominated agent will be contacted so it can arrange for customs clearance.

When can I collect my pet(s)?

We work closely with your airline and UK clearing agent to reunite you and your pets as soon as possible. On average, pets are ready to collect within 2-4 hours from arrival.

Where do I collect my pet from?

All pets travelling to Heathrow are handled at our facility with exception of those travelling with the IAG Group. We have free customer parking.

What do I need to bring?

When collecting your pet please bring:

  • Photographic ID.
  • Air waybill.
  • Lead and collar for your dog.