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Date created: 6/18/2020

Making changes to your property

The Barbican Estate is statutorily listed for its architectural and historic interest, this means that proposed alterations may also need listed building consent.

If you are planning to make changes to your property you will need to make an application for Landlord's Approval.

Listed building management guidelines

To assist residents in understanding the listing of the Estate, the City Corporation has prepared listed building management guidelines (see related links). These explain what works will need listed building consent, and the types of alterations which are likely, or unlikely, to be approved. 

Landlords approval for your home improvements

If you have just purchased your property, you should not make an application to the Barbican Estate Office, until the assignment of transfer has been registered at our legal department.

Send an application in writing or via email to the Barbican Estate Team marked for the attention of your House Office detailing the following:

  • any plans/drawings/specification for the alterations
  • details for the contractor and a daytime contact number
  • a daytime contact number for the long leaseholder
  • required signed declaration of compliance (in the Standard Conditions for Proposed Works and Alterations on the Barbican Estate)
  • signed forms in the Standard Conditions document (if the Garchey/ventilation is being altered)
  • a copy of your contractor's Waste Carrier Licence should also be attached with the application
Barbican Estate Home Improvement Pack PDF (616 KB)
Date submitted: 3/02/21

Home Improvement Pack showing regulations for the Barbican Estate


If asbestos is being disturbed, be it tested, removed or encapsulated, your contractor should supply a copy of a Hazardous Waste Carrier Licence and associated paperwork to ensure that this is being dealt with in line with the Health and Safety Executive Standards.

As a rough guide, view the Asbestos in all blocks for some of the locations where asbestos containing materials have been located in the past. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list.

Asbestos Data All Blocks - Barbican Estate PDF (262KB)
Date submitted: 12/11/19

Retrospective landlord's approval

If you do not have paperwork for Landlord's Approval for alterations previously completed at your property, you should make an application retrospectively.

  • Apply to your House Officer
  • Outline (as far as possible) the changes that were completed (photographs may assist).
  • If the Garchey system has been altered, complete Garchey form (in the Standard Conditions for Proposed Work and Alterations on the Barbican Estate) to arrange for the relevant inspection to be completed.
  • If the ventilation system has been altered, then you should enclose the ventilation form (in the Standard Conditions for Proposed Work and Alterations) to arrange for the relevant inspection to be completed.
  • Arrange to leave access to inspect the changes (key permission is preferable).

It is for the owner or their representative to check to see if in fact the completed alterations required the approval of another Department.