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Food premises registration

Date updated: 9/09/2020
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You are required by law to register most new food businesses 28 days prior to opening. It is an offence under Article 6(2) of Regulation (EC) 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, not to register the business and although registration is free of charge, it is still an offence to fail to register.

The main purpose of the registration process is to let the Port Health and Public Protection Services know where premises are and what type of business is being operated. In this way we can ensure that all premises receive an appropriate inspection and resources can be allocated and targeted in the right areas.

Registration of your food business is free and you do not need to renew the registration unless there are any important changes, like a change in the operator's name or the type of food business. (However, if you want to contest the rating you are given, you will be charged for the re-visit.)

Registration cannot be refused and you can continue with your business as soon as you have submitted your registration form. However,when planning a new food business or significant alterations we would recommend that you contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can help advise you how to meet the required standards.

If you would like to register a food business, use the link below to download and submit a registration form via GOV.UK.

Register a food business 

Register a food business in the City of London via GOV.UK.

Register a food business with London Port Health Authority via GOV.UK

Notify a change in an existing registration

To notify us of a change  in an existing registration via GOV.UK.

Approved food premises

Certain food premises do not require registration but must be approved instead. These premises normally produce or manufacture specific products, often for other businesses; such approved premises need to comply with more specific food law. These premises also have to comply with more specific food law.

More information on approvals can be obtained from the Food Standards Agency. If you think that your business may fall into this category, contact the Public Protection Team for advice 

Apply for approval for certain food premises.