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Date updated: 18/05/2022

If a child has needs that are so complex that they cannot be met at home, or if the risk of harm is considered by a family court to be significant, the child will become looked after by the City of London Corporation.

As a result they will live away from their own home, either in foster care or residential care organised by the City of London.

There are a variety of circumstances by which a child may come to be looked after. Below are some of the more common:

  • By parental consent: when the parents or guardians of a child agree he or she should be cared for away from the family home
  • By order of the courts: when a family court decides a child needs to be looked after away from home
  • Political asylum: when a child comes to this country unaccompanied and is claiming political asylum
Corporate Parenting Strategy and Statement of Purpose PDF (400KB)
Date submitted: 27/12/19
Easy to Read - Leaving Care Guide PDF (500KB)
Date submitted: 27/12/19

Children taken into care are entitled to a range of services and our policy includes:

  • taking into account their views for planning for their care
  • informing their parents as to what is happening
  • helping them keep in contact with family and friends, where appropriate 
  • ensuring that their health, educational and social needs are met 
  • informing carers about the child’s culture, religion and language
  • informing carers about any special needs the child might have
  • protecting the child from any form of harm
  • helping the child prepare for leaving care, usually upon turning 18

​Leaving care is a big step in the life of a young person.

When a young person is due to leave care, they will have access to a social worker to help them prepare for the next stage in their life. The social worker works closely with the young person’s carer and will offer the following support:

  • Produce an individual pathway plan which will include finance, accommodation, employment, education and health related matters
  • They will remain in contact with the young person until the age of 21 or 24, if the young person is in full time education
  • You can find further guidance on leaving care in the Easy to Read Leaving Care Guide (above)

Further information

Upon turning 18, any young person assisted by children’s services will be transferred to adult services if it is a requirement of their care plan.

The term ‘transition' describes the process of preparing to leave children's services, as well as to receive adult services.