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Date updated: 18/05/2022

Getting feedback on our work is very important to us; what is also important is ensuring that the feedback we receive has an impact on our plans and improving City of London services.

We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions from children in care, care leavers, families and carers about services delivered by the Children and Families Service and would appreciate hearing from you.

On this page, we share examples of what we have done in response to feedback and how it has made a difference to our work. We also show how we are feeding back to our children and young people about the difference their feedback has made.

Feedback responses


You Said...

We Did...

Autumn 2019

Continue the Tuition Group at Golden Lane

The tuition group was continued, and the project has grown to include work with City of London schools


Autumn 2019

More opportunities to explore London

The CiCC visited the Museum of London and Tower Bridge. In 2020 there will more opportunities to visit other parts of London, different museums and events.


Autumn 2019

Be clearer with what we are entitled to when leaving care

The guidance for leaving care has been updated, with easier to read information on finance and entitlements.


Autumn 2019

More awareness and workshops on health, the law, independent living and money management

In 2020, there will be workshops on Health, Consent and the Law, Independent Living, Budgeting, CV Writing and Interview Skills,


Autumn 2019

Continue the summer activity trip

We have continued to offer a summer activity trip


Winter 2019


Take us to Parliament

A trip to Parliament is planned for Summer 2020 (delayed by Covid-19)

Winter 2019

Let us have more say in the activities programme

We held a session with Inclusive Solutions in January 2020 with CICC members and staff to plan the programme for 2020


Winter 2019

Let us have a say on where we live

The Participation Service held an accommodation review session with CICC members in January, we were joined by the Director for Community and Children’s Services and the Head of Commissioning.


Young people will also be invited to become Young Inspectors, helping the Corporation inspect semi-independent services. (delayed by Covid-19)


January 2020

Let everyone attend the annual trip

John Barradell, Town Clerk, joined the CICC on the 21st January and guaranteed all young people who want to attend the annual holiday will be able to do so.


January 2020

Invite us to City functions

CICC members attended the Community and Children’s Service Committee Dinner at Salters Hall on the 11th February 2020


February 2020

Help us understand the realities of living in our own accommodation

The Participation Service delivered a Moving In, Moving On workshop in Summer 2020 and will run this again in the October half-term. This will be repeated regularly for new CICC members.

February 2020

Prepare us for entering employment

Our information, advice and guidance service in partnerships with the Participation Service runs CV and Interview Skills workshops.

We will also support all young people to have suitable clothes for interviews and work.


February 2020

Provide us with more accredited courses

The Participation Service will offer as many accredited courses as possible; in 2020 the service has facilitated access to:

- Customer Services – Level 2

- Health and Safety in Construction – Level 1

- Food and Hygiene – Level 2


February 2020

Help us understand money and to budget

The Participation Service offered a money management workshop in Summer 2020 and this will be repeated regularly.


February 2020

Give us more opportunities to meet up and do new things

The Participation Service delivered a range of activities both virtually and in person throughout the year.


February 2020

Teach us First Aid

We delivered a First Aid Session in February 2020 and will run an accredited first aid session in Summer.


April 2020

Help us understand Covid-19 and social distancing

Andrew Carter, Director of Community and Children’s Services has written to every child and young person looked after by the City of London Corporation and will continue to do so regularly throughout the pandemic.


Social Workers and the Participation Service are available to support all young people to understand the restrictions


The Participation Service sends infographics and easy to read information via WhatsApp to all CICC members.


August 2020

We enjoyed the ‘How to cook when you can’t cook’ session. Can we do more?

The October half term programme will include a workshop with Made in Hackney so you can learn to cook a Caribbean meal of Chickpea Curry, plantain, rice and peas.