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Council tax moving into or out of a property

Date updated: 12/09/2023
Is your property in the Square Mile? This information is for properties within a small area of central London known as the City of London or 'Square Mile' only.
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​Moving into a property

If you have become liable for a property but have not yet registered for council tax please download the council tax incoming occupier form below.

Property owners, occupiers and tenants can use this form to register for council tax. 

City of London Council Tax Incoming Occupier Form PDF (200KB)
Date submitted: 10/02/20

Other useful information for new residents

The City of London provide comprehensive waste and recycling services. To receive your recycling bags and further information on the services at operation at your address, please email the Recycling Team.  Please note that time banding regulations are in place for the collection of waste and recycling from the street.

The City of London Electoral Services Office deals with voter registration of residents and workers in the City of London, and manages the administration of elections that take place here.

Moving out of a property

If you are selling or moving out of your home, you should complete the form below. You will be sent a revised bill or a refund claim form based on the exact number of days were liable.

Property owners, occupiers and tenants can use this form to notify a change in circumstances or ownership.  Please make sure that you quote the account number detailed on your current council tax bill.

Council Tax Vacating Occupier Form PDF (132KB)
Date submitted: 10/02/20

Change of address

Alternatively, you can inform us of your change of address online, this service is provided by iammoving.

Council tax bills issued during the financial year

If you become or cease to be liable to pay council tax part way through the financial year you will receive a council tax bill apportioned to the start and/or end dates of your liability for that property up until the 31 March next.

Where council tax bills are issued part way through a financial year you will not always be entitled to pay by ten instalments. The number of instalments remaining and amounts will be detailed on your bill.