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Date updated: 8/07/2022

If you can't wait for your career to start and have motivation and ambition to burn, but university isn’t your path, then going for an apprenticeship might just be right for you.

The City of London Apprenticeship Programme was set up with your future in mind. We have opportunities with leading employers ready for the right candidates.


Take a look at our latest opportunities on the Government website. Enrol with the City of London Corporation then access the Learning in the City website to self-enrol with one of our courses.

An apprenticeship is a mix of real work and learning. Apprentices earn a wage and get experience whilst working towards a number of qualifications. The City of London Corporation and businesses in the Square Mile currently offer apprenticeships at intermediate level and advanced level.​

  • Start your career ahead of your peers
  • Acquire valuable work-based skills from day one
  • Follow development paths to further qualifications
  • Earn while you learn (our apprentices earn between £20170-£20570 per year) and we also offer some level four courses which are at a higher pay grade
  • Avoid university costs (average is £25,000)
  • The pledge of an apprenticeship of value
  • As an experienced employer, a deeper understanding of your needs
  • A ready-made network of peers across different City of London firms
  • A series of apprentice events within the City of London

We have placed apprentices with leading firms across many sectors including banking, insurance, and property. Take a look at what is currently available​​

Not only have we placed candidates with the City of London Corporation, we have also placed them with leading firms including Jones Lang LaSalle, Standard Bank, Virgin Holidays, Munich Re, and many more. New companies approach us all the time so keep an eye on our vacancies page.

Our apprenticeship standards include:

  • Accountancy
  • Animal Care
  • Business Administration
  • Butchery
  • Civil Engineering
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Horticulture
  • Human Resources
  • Transport Planning
  • and more

If there is a career that you're interested in that you can't see above just let us know. We might be able to point you in the right direction.​

To be eligible to become an apprentice you must be aged over 16, living in England and not currently in full-time education. As with any job, individual apprenticeship positions have different requirements in terms of aptitude, skills, qualifications and experience. The most important aspects however are enthusiasm, commitment, and initiative.​

Call 020 7608 2753/020 7332 1231 or email the Apprenticeships Team.