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Changing schools during the academic year

Date updated: 10/04/2021

What is an in-year application?

In-year admissions is the process of applying to a school at any time outside the normal admissions rounds. Normal admissions rounds are those that take place during September of the year a child starts either Reception or secondary school. You must complete an in-year application if:

  • you have moved home or newly arrived to the UK and are looking for a school place
  • your child has been educated at home and now you wish to apply for a school place, or
  • you simply want your child to move your child from one school to another, please speak to your child’s Headteacher prior to making this decision.

There is only one maintained Church of England primary school in the City, the Aldgate School. There are no maintained secondary schools. The Aldgate School manages its own in-year admissions process, and parents can apply directly to the school.

We have produced a video to help explain the process below.