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Air Quality reports

Date updated: 30/11/2023

Air Quality Annual Status reports

The City of London Corporation completes an Annual Status Report (ASR) in accordance with London Local Air Quality Management (LLAQM) requirements. The ASR details progress with actions to improve air quality and long-term air pollution trends in the Square Mile. 

The  City is a declared Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) for annual mean and 1-hour concentrations of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and 24-hour concentrations of Particulate Matter (PM10).

As a declared AQMA the City Corporation is required to complete an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) to address the area of poor air quality. The AQAP is incorporated within the current City of London Air Quality Strategy 2019-24.

Air Quality Annual Status Report 2022 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 30/06/22
Air Quality Annual Status Report 2021 (1MB)
Date submitted: 10/08/23
Air Quality Annual Status Report 2020 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 11/01/22

Copies of previous annual data reports can be obtained directly from the City Air team.

Email: City Air team

Telephone: 020 7332 3030

X: @_CityAir