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Date updated: 26/02/2024

The City of London Corporation is committed to reporting and transparency. That is why we have developed a Climate Action Performance Dashboard so you can see our progress against net zero targets and resilience. You can read about our lessons learned and projects during the second year of the Climate Action Strategy in our 2023 progress report. You can also find our 2022 progress report at the bottom of this page.

Taking Climate Action: Progress Report 2023 PDF (5MB)
Learn about the City of London Corporation's progress towards our net zero targets and resilience initiatives in Financial Year 2022/2023.
Date submitted: 16/11/23

What will you find in the 2023 climate action progress report?

This report sets out our performance during the financial year 2022/2023 towards our 2027 and 2040 net zero targets.

The report outlines progress to date in:

  • Reduction: from financial years 2018/2019 to 2022/2023, the City Corporation has reduced carbon net emissions by 66% against a target of 68%, putting us on track to achieve net zero by 2027 in the City Corporation’s operations.
  • Resilience: a series of projects and programmes are underway, tackling climate risks such as extreme heat or flooding. They have been designed to help protect our buildings, streets and open spaces now and in the future.
  • Engagement: the City Corporation has been increasing and strengthening engagement with our value chain and partners across the Square Mile, to accelerate emissions reductions and achieve net zero by 2040.

How do we measure progress?

Data is fundamental to measuring progress. We have identified a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) which cover our own operations, our value chain (what we buy, sell, invest and lease to others) and the Square Mile. The key to determining our progress is by setting a baseline and tracking those indicators regularly and consistently.

To monitor and measure our progress, we carried out a carbon footprint assessment of all the City Corporation's emissions (Scopes 1, 2 and 3). This data was verified by independent sustainability specialist Achilles against the International Standard for greenhouse gas measurement and reporting, ISO 14064-1: 2018. This makes the City Corporation, one of the first local authorities to achieve assurance over its full value chain emissions, including its financial investments.

This means we can demonstrate robust progress reporting against our net zero targets.

What will you find on the dashboard?

The Climate Action Dashboard provides transparency on our progress and actions since the adoption of the Strategy in October 2020. 

The dashboard outlines progress to date in:

  • Key performance indicators: over 50 key performance indicators (KPIs) we are tracking, from kilometres of pedestrianisation to the number of fund managers with science-based targets.
  • Key projects: twelve projects, which fall under the Strategy’s four goals, such as sustainable building design standards to decarbonising our financial investments. To learn about our projects, visit Climate action projects.
  • Overall emissions reductions: our annual emissions reductions reported comparatively to where we are on our journey to meeting our net zero 2027 and net zero 2040 goals.
Climate Action Dashboard
Visit the Dashboard

If you use a smartphone, we recommend you use a horizontal view.

We have worked hard to make the Dashboard accessible but if you experience any issues, contact the Climate Action Team and we will provide you with the information in a different format.

We encourage everyone in the Square Mile and beyond to help us deliver our Climate Action Strategy. Please contact the Climate Action Team if you have any comments.

Elite group of cities
The City of London has been listed among an elite group of cities by CDP, receiving a top score on its climate action measures.

In November 2023, The City of London has been recognized by environmental non-profit organisation, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), as one of 119 cities across the globe that is taking bold leadership on environmental action and transparency, making it to their A list.

Over 939 received a rating for their climate action from CDP in 2023 with only 13% of such cities receiving an A. To score an A, a city must disclose publicly through CDP, have a city-wide emissions inventory and have published a climate action plan. It must also complete a climate risk and vulnerability assessment and have a climate adaptation goal to demonstrate how it will tackle climate hazards. 

Taking Climate Action: Our Progress 2022 PDF (6MB)
Learn more about the achievements and challenges of the City Corporation's Climate Action Strategy as it takes its second year of implementation.
Date submitted: 11/08/22