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Date updated: 1/02/2024

The City of London Corporation has adopted a radical Climate Action Strategy which breaks new ground and sets out how the organisation will achieve net zero, build climate resilience and champion sustainable growth, both in the UK and globally, over the next two decades.

By adopting the Strategy, the City Corporation has committed to:

  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions from our own operations by 2027
  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions across our investments and supply chain by 2040
  • Support the achievement of net zero for the Square Mile by 2040
  • Invest £68m over the next six years to support these goals of which £15m is dedicated to preparing the Square Mile for extreme weather events.

This follows an extensive study of our activities and assets and puts a plan in place to address emissions from our financial and property investments and full  supply chain.


We have set out a fully funded action plan for 2020-2027 and set annual targets. With this plan, we aim to address areas of the biggest impact first. 

Data on progress is shared via our Climate Action Dashboard, an interactive and transparent tool to visualise up-to-date data and progress against our net zero and climate resilience targets. 

At the end of each year, we will publish a report of our progress against targets for that year. We will invite our stakeholders to participate in a survey to help us understand how well we are reaching and engaging with them.

How can I contact the City Corporation Climate Action team?

You can email your comments to the Climate Action Team.

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Climate Action Strategy Executive Summary PDF (119KB)
Date submitted: 8/10/20
Climate Action Strategy PDF (3MB)
Date submitted: 8/10/20
Managing Climate Risk for our Financial Investments 2021 PDF (4MB)
Date submitted: 15/10/21