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Special events on the highway

Date updated: 27/03/2024

If you want to hold an event on the highway in the City of London the Special Events Team, which supports the safe planning of events and other activities, will help you.

Before applying

Read the guidelines.

Guide to planning events on the highway PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 27/03/24


Complete the special event application form and submit it with the relevant supporting documents to the Events Team.


  • A road closure needs 12 weeks notice
  • The event planning guidelines includes a list of event fees. An Event Officer will be able to advise on other fees that may be incurred
  • The grant of a licence is not guaranteed but an event cannot take place without one
  • The Highways Special Events Team can only be contacted by email at Events Team
Special Events on the Highway Application Form PDF (750KB)
Date submitted: 19/01/22
Charges for activities on the public highway PDF (120KB)
Date submitted: 27/07/23

Activities not permitted in the City of London

  • Busking
  • Balloon releases
  • Drones
  • Events in car parks
  • The use of the bridges in the City of London to promote individual events, campaigns and activities of third parties
  • Commercial promotion or advertising which includes sampling/advertising or leafleting on the public highway
  • Street trading includes trading on pavements and private land to which the public have a right of access

Protests and demonstrations

The City of London Police is the lead agency for planning protests and demonstrations. Go to the City of London Police to find out more.

The City of London Corporation will not authorise any temporary structures on the highway in connection with any protest activity.

Do not submit an special events application if you are planning a protest or demonstration.