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Property development toolkit

The online toolkit is an easy to use search tool for occupiers, building owners and developers who intend to undertake property alterations, refurbishment or redevelopment works.

The tool-kit is a guide to the planning and development process and signpost to all City of London Corporation approvals, certificates, notices and licences that are needed.

It identifies fees, deposits, legal agreements that are needed.

Advertisement consent

Content pageDate created: 2/08/2021

Documents needed for an advertising consent

Bridges and highway structures

Content pageDate created: 10/06/2020

Bridges and highway structures in the City of London.

Change of use

Content pageDate created: 29/10/2020

Documents needed for a change of use planning application

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and planning obligations (s106)

Content pageDate created: 25/06/2020

An explanation of the application of the CIL, City and Mayoral and Planning Obligations to developments

Considerate Contractor Scheme

Content pageDate created: 19/11/2020

The City of London's Considerate Contractor Scheme awards those that perform to the highest levels with an industry respected Gold Award.

Construction, demolition and street works

Content pageDate created: 24/06/2020

Information for construction companies and the public for construction noisy works timings and applications to apply for street works

Contact Building Control

Content pageDate created: 8/07/2020

Contact the District Surveyor's office. We have many years of experience on commercial and residential buildings

Dangerous structures

Content pageDate created: 29/10/2020

If there is a dangerous structure in the City, the District Surveyor's office will inspect and take necessary steps to ensure the safety of the public.

Demolition control and advice

Content pageDate created: 8/07/2020

Advice and information for carrying out demolition of a building in the Square Mile of the City of London under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984..