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All Change at Bank project

Date updated: 23/05/2023

We are making Bank Junction a safer and nicer place to travel through and visit.

The main construction work will continue until Spring 2024. 

We will provide advance warning of works so you can plan your route to minimise disruption.

Road signs will give information on disruption and diversions. Sometimes there will be diversions for pedestrians and cyclists.

The works will be completed in seven phases. The first three phases have been completed. 

What is happening next?

Phase four will finish on 12 July and involves work on Cornhill, Mansion House Street, Poultry (south side) and Queen Victoria Street (north side). Changes include footway widening and improvements with new paving and kerbs, wider pedestrian crossing points and road resurfacing. 

To view current traffic management orders as part of the All Change at Bank project, please see the Bank Junction traffic orders webpage.

Traffic changes

Traffic changes are being introduced to allow for the new public spaces to be created. Diversions will be clearly marked.

11-14 April Westbound directional closure of Cornhill (at Bank Junction), with night-time full closures of Cornhill to facilitate road resurfacing.

From 13 February Queen Victoria Street, at its junction with Mansion House Street, closed to all motor vehicles.

13 February-12 July Mansion House Street restricted to one way traffic westbound (heading towards Poultry).

What can you do?

  • Look for updates on this webpage and on our Twitter feed @squarehighways
  • Allow extra time for your journey to allow for disruption
  • Contact the All Change at Bank team if you need more information 

Phase 1

Princes Street (East side) completed. Footway improvements with associated adjustments to drainage, utility covers and bollards.

Phase 2

Poultry (North side) completed. Footway improvements with new kerbs and paving. Adjustments to drainage and utility covers. A number of traffic islands have been removed with adjustments made to signal poles.

Phase 3 

Lombard St, Cornhill and Threadneedle St (South side at Bank junction) completed. Footway widening and improvements with new paving and kerbs as well as wider pedestrian crossing points. Adjustments to drainage, utility covers and bollards. 

Phase 4

20 March 2023-12 July 2023. Cornhill, Mansion House Street, Poultry (south side) and Queen Victoria Street (north side) including footway widening and improvements with new paving and kerbs, wider pedestrian crossing points and road resurfacing. Adjustments to drainage, utility covers and bollards and construction of new traffic signal infrastructure.

The project looked at key problems. Bank Junction was congested, polluted and unsafe. Incremental improvements over the last few years have seen junction become a more pleasant place for pedestrians and cyclists. The next stage is to implement the changes that will deliver the original objectives:

  • Reduce casualties by simplifying the junction
  • Reduce pedestrian crowding levels
  • Improve local air quality
  • Improve the perception of place, Bank is a place to spend time in rather then pass through

Street trees and in-ground planters will be delivered as part of the Climate Action Strategy’s Cool Streets and Greening Programme.

To provide more space for people walking and enhance the public realm. Changes will simplify the junction to prioritise the space for pedestrians, allowing space for seating and greening: 

  • Parts of Threadneedle Street and Queen Victoria Street will be closed to all motor vehicles 24/7
  • Princes Street will see changes that will be in place 24/7
  • Only buses and cycles will be able to travel northbound towards Moorgate
  • Vehicles needing to access Cornhill will be able to travel southbound and turn left into Cornhill

The main traffic junction will be made smaller, making it more understandable to those driving or cycling as to where they should be positioned on the carriageway. There will be fewer opportunities for turning manoeuvres, reducing the risk of collisions. Narrower carriageways will mean larger pavements and more comfort for pedestrians. 

Traffic restrictions during the day will remain in place. Buses and cycles only Monday-Friday 7am-7pm across Bank Junction and travelling westbound into Cornhill. 

There is a review of the timings of restrictions and the mix of traffic. If changes are feasible and supported, it will be possible to amend the traffic orders. The review is expected to complete towards the end of the construction programme.  

Changes at Bank Junction have taken many years. The following Committee reports show the options considered, the development of the design, consultation and final construction details.

Reports to the Streets and Walkways Sub (Planning and Transportation) Committee:

May 2020  All Change at Bank options appraisal report

October 2020 All Change at Bank detailed feasibility report

February 2021 All Change at Bank public consultation proposal

July 2021  All Change at Bank - Issues report regarding the programme

September 2021 Report back on the public consultation findings

December 2021  Seeking authority to move to construction phase

All change at Bank phasing overview PDF (1.28MB)
Outline of the phases of works on Bank Junction
Date submitted: 9/03/23
Bank Junction Traffic Changes February 2023 PDF (1.62MB)
Date submitted: 14/02/23
Cornhill Access Management PDF (7MB)
Date submitted: 29/11/22
All change at Bank general arrangement PDF (900KB)
Plan to show the general arrangement of proposed Bank Junction
Date submitted: 20/09/22