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Transport strategy

Date updated: 20/11/2023

Public consultation

The 25-year Transport Strategy is undergoing a review, to make sure it stays relevant to the needs of people in the City and to embrace new challenges and objectives that the City of London Corporation has set out. 

We are consulting on the proposed changes to the Transport Strategy and welcome your comments.

The online consultation contains the Draft Transport Strategy and supporting documents, and will close on the 7 January 2024.

Visit some of our drop-ins - and share your views. 

Drop-in sessions

Barbican Library Silk St, Barbican, EC2Y 8DS

  • Saturday 25 November 11am-2 pm

Artizan Library and Community Centre, E1 7AF

  • Monday 20 November 5-7pm
  • Tuesday 21 November 11am-2pm

Shoe Lane Library Hill House, 1 Little New St, EC4A 3JR 

  • Wednesday 22 November 11am-2pm

London Centre, 3 Aldermanbury, EC2V 7HH

  • Thursday 23 November 1-5pm
  • Tuesday 28 November 11am-2pm

Guildhall North Wing, Guildhall, EC2V 7HH

  • Tuesday 5 December 12-2.30pm
  • Thursday 7 December11am-2pm
  • Tuesday 12 December 8am-6pm

We aim to make our drop-ins and our consultation as accessible and as inclusive as possible, so please contact us if you have any specific requirements. 

The review is scheduled to be completed in May 2024 when the revised Transport Strategy is expected to be adopted and published. The review period allows the Transport Strategy to align with the progress of the Draft City Plan 2040.

What is the Transport Strategy? 

The Transport Strategy sets out how the City Corporation proposes to design and manage the City’s streets to ensure the Square Mile remains a great place to live, work, study and visit. It includes ambitious proposals to:

  • Prioritise the needs of people walking, make streets more accessible and deliver world-class public realm
  • Make the most efficient and effective use of street space by significantly reducing motor traffic, including the number of delivery and servicing vehicles in the Square Mile
  • Eliminate death and serious injuries from our streets through measures to deliver safer streets and reduce speeds
  • Enable more people to choose to cycle by making conditions for cycling in the Square Mile safer and more pleasant
  • Improve air quality and reduce noise by encouraging and enabling the switch to zero emission capable vehicles

The consultation reports and other reports and resources prepared or used in the preparation of the Transport Strategy are available on request from the Strategic Transportation Team

Transport Strategy (2019) PDF (9MB)
The City of London's Transport Strategy sets out the Corporation's long-term vision and proposals
Date submitted: 23/01/20
City of London Transport Strategy Map Pack PDF (10MB)
Date submitted: 6/07/20
Traffic in the City 2019 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 12/02/21
City of London Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Forecast 2025 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 6/07/20
City of London Transport Strategy IIA PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 6/07/20
City of London Transport Strategy Delivery Plan IIA PDF (1MB)
Date submitted: 6/07/20