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The State of the Sector

Content pageDate created: 8/09/2022

The State of the Sector report is a world first, developed in partnership by the City of London Corporation and HM Treasury

Practical Implications of Digital FTA Provisions

Content pageDate created: 2/09/2022

This report examines how the UK financial and professional services sector benefits from free trade agreements

The use of central bank digital currencies in wholesale markets

Content pageDate created: 8/07/2022

What legislative and regulatory considerations should be there to enable a globally interoperable CBDC for cross-border payments in the wholesale space?

City statistics briefing

Content pageDate created: 14/03/2022

The City of London's role as a global business hub for financial and related professional services. It provides facts and figures about employment and firms

ESG Ratings and ESG Data in Financial Services

Content pageDate created: 21/02/2022

This report explore some of the challenges in the ESG ratings market and offers recommendations to futureproof the integrity and efficiency of the Market.

Our global offer to business 2022

Content pageDate created: 28/01/2022

This second edition of the City of London Corporation’s benchmarking study evidences the depth and breadth of London and the UK’s global offer to business.

Innovating Insurance

Content pageDate created: 29/11/2021

Innovating insurance highlights how technological innovation is being adopted to improve existing insurance models and is helping transform the insurance sector

In service of sustainable infrastructure

Content pageDate created: 3/11/2021

The PBSC's first report showcases the UK’s professional services sector and how it can help transform infrastructure and transition to net zero.

The Future of Voluntary Carbon Markets

Content pageDate created: 2/11/2021

This report outlines the essential components of a well governed and efficient market that can transform the transition to Net Zero.