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London RMB Business Bi-annual Report

Content pageDate created: 31/05/2023

The London RMB Business Bi-annual Report serves to contribute to the understanding of the London offshore RMB market, providing data, policies and commentaries.

UK financial and professional services tech

Content pageDate created: 31/03/2023

See how financial and professional services technology in the UK has transformed into a globally competitive, mature investment landscape of opportunity.

Powerful Pensions: unlocking DC capital for UK tech growth

Content pageDate created: 31/03/2023

Powerful Pensions: Unlocking DC Capital for UK Tech Growth explores how challenges surrounding domestic intuitional investment to UK FPS Tech can be addressed.

Our global offer to business

Content pageDate created: 30/03/2023

The depth and breadth of its offer make London and the UK the leading global centre for financial and professional services.

Post FTA regulatory cooperation between the UK and Australia

Content pageDate created: 14/02/2023

Our report looks at the top FPS priorities for new regulatory dialogue to drive increased trade between UK and Australia after the Free Trade Agreement.

Shaping the future of borderless work

Content pageDate created: 12/12/2022

This report explores new models for cross border remote working and the future of borderless work

City statistics briefing

Content pageDate created: 28/10/2022

The City of London's role as a global business hub for financial and related professional services. It provides facts and figures about employment and firms

The State of the Sector

Content pageDate created: 8/09/2022

The State of the Sector report is a world first, developed in partnership by the City of London Corporation and HM Treasury

Practical Implications of Digital FTA Provisions

Content pageDate created: 2/09/2022

This report examines how the UK financial and professional services sector benefits from free trade agreements