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Date updated: 3/07/2023

The London RMB Business Report serves to contribute to the understanding of the London offshore RMB market, providing most recent data, policies and commentaries from market participants.

It promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the London offshore RMB market by monitoring and providing feedback to regulatory bodies in both countries for policies improvement.

Building upon the achievements of the London RMB Business Quarterly report, we take great pleasure in introducing the revamped London RMB Business Bi-Annual Report. This enhanced version places greater emphasis on thematic analysis.

In the 1st issue of the report, it is evident that the UK’s offshore RMB market has shown strong resilience and continued growth. The report focuses on China’s macroeconomic outlook in 2023 and the recent financial reforms implemented in the country.

You can find previous issues of the report in our China Programme Publications.

The cover of the first edition of the London RMB Business Bi-annual Report
London RMB Business Bi-annual Report - May 2023 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 31/05/23