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Date updated: 3/07/2024

Investments in carbon credits offer huge potential for tackling the immense and inequitable challenge of climate change. They can facilitate a just transition and can funnel capital to projects which provide climate and social benefits.

While some projects funded carbon credits have failed to deliver claimed benefits, this should not be seen as a reason to abandon the market. The growing demand for a supply of high-quality carbon credits provides a motivating force to enable the innovation and behavioural shift needed from a broad range of private, corporate and government actors.

The UK Carbon Markets Forum is a catalyst for transforming carbon markets. We aim to influence market participants to drive standards and integrity. We promote thought leadership supporting carbon markets and the wider need for carbon pricing. We advocate for UK leadership in facilitating world-class carbon markets.

We believe that all sources of finance are needed to achieve Paris Agreement goals, including investment in carbon markets. Corporates, governments and global organisations must work together to develop high-integrity carbon markets. This means committing to principles, developing frameworks, and piloting regulation that supports a transparent and effective market.

A high-integrity, global carbon market can deliver private funding to climate and nature-positive investments, potentially channelling billions of dollars of investment from the Global North to the Global South.

The Forum is chaired by Dame Clara Furse, with City of London providing secretariat support. For inquiries please reach out to the UK Carbon Markets Forum.

The Integrity Council for Voluntary Carbon Markets

The City of London Corporation is proud to be a founding sponsor of a new independent governance body for the carbon markets, The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (Integrity Council or IC-VCM).

The Integrity Council enables a high-integrity voluntary carbon market that contributes to the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by setting and enforcing a global benchmark for high-quality carbon credits – the Core Carbon Principles.

The Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) establish a global benchmark for high-integrity carbon credits that set rigorous thresholds on disclosure and sustainable development and unlock urgently needed finance.