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Date updated: 17/05/2022

The City Gardens team is responsible for green space management of around 170 sites which includes parks, gardens, churchyards, plazas and highway planting as well as 1400 trees in the Square Mile. The team is also responsible for Bunhill Fields Burial Ground just outside the City boundary in the London Borough of Islington.


The City Gardens are overseen by a Management Committee known as the Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee. The Committee was created to act as the overarching policy and strategic body in relation to the activities of the Open Spaces Department. It is responsible for the management of the gardens, churchyards and open spaces in the City under the control of the Court of Common Council. 

Green Flag Award and Green Heritage Site Accreditation

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground has retained Green Flag Award and Green Heritage Site Accreditation since 2009. The scheme is the national benchmark standard for parks and green spaces.