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Date updated: 12/03/2024

Epping Forest has 284km of shared-use paths which makes it a great place to explore by bike, whether you're looking to relax, get fit, or just looking to avoid cars and roads on your way from A to B. 

Cycling in Epping Forest

Have a look at our map showing our permitted cycling areas if you'd like some help planning your ride with us.

Cycling areas in Epping Forest

You can also find locations of all our cycle racks on our interactive map

Code of conduct

There are some guidelines you should follow when cycling in the Forest. You should:

  • use the shared-use trails considerately to ensure the safety of others
    • let people know you are there with a greeting or bell
    • give priority to pedestrians and horse-riders
  • approach corners and descents with caution as dogs, wildlife and cattle may cross your path unexpectedly
  • do not race bicycles
    • this includes digital KOM/QOM ‘chasing’
  • do not build or dig jumps or berms or cut trees
  • leave no trace of your visit
    • use the existing routes and avoid skidding to prevent erosion
    • take your litter home
  • leave gates as you find them to prevent cattle straying
  • respect the 'no cycling' restrictions that exist to protect ancient monuments and delicate habitats
  • comply with the Epping Forest byelaws and Countryside Code

Places you can't ride

  • the Iron Age earthworks at Loughton Camp and Ambresbury Banks; both of which are Scheduled Ancient Monuments and of national importance
  • Loughton Brook; which is protected as a Local Geological Site 
  • our easy access paths at High Beach, Connaught Water, Knighton Wood and Jubilee Pond
  • and the buffer lands
    • you can cycle in the buffer lands but only on bridleways or byways which can be used in line with the Countryside Code; free-range cycling is not permitted

Cycle hire

Go Further Cycling have bikes you can hire to ride in the Forest, and are based just opposite Chingford Station by our golf course - and close to our Chingford visitor centre. They also offer bike servicing, repairs, spare parts and accessories for your day out.

Mountain Bike Trail riding

Because large parts of Epping Forest are so ecologically important, we aren't able to offer trail riding; but there are lots of trails that we can direct you to, such as: