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Date updated: 12/03/2024

Walk your dog in Epping Forest. It's a great place to have fun and keep fit together, and feels like an almost endless area to explore.

Walking in Epping Forest

Have a look at our map if you'd like some help planning your walk with us.

Epping Forest map PDF (256KB)
Date submitted: 20/11/19

Dog Walking Code of Conduct

Epping Forest has a Code of Conduct for dog walkers. When walking your dog in Epping Forest:

  • your dog must be under effective control
  • if your dog does not respond to recall you must keep it on a lead
  • respect any seasonal site signage to keep your dog on the lead in certain areas, to protect rare species
  • clean up after your dog and take the waste home
  • do not allow your dog to disturb other visitors
  • dogs must not disturb or chase any wildlife, cattle, deer or horses
  • make yourself aware of potential hazards to your dog such as ticks and harmful algae