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Fishing in Epping Forest

Date updated: 5/15/2020

Epping Forest is a great place to fish, whether you've never done it before or have been fishing for years. We have 25 different fishing ponds spread over the Forest for you to enjoy.

Fishing in Epping Forest

Have a look at our map to find our 25 fishing ponds and plan your day out with us.

Epping Forest map PDF (256KB)
Date submitted: 11/20/19

Explore the length and breadth of Epping Forest with our official map, showing paths, trails, car parks, train stations, things to do, toilets and everything else you need to plan your day out. 


There are some guidelines you need to follow when you're fishing here. You should:

  • not fish during the closed season - times are from 15 March to 15 June
  • buy a rod fishing licence
    • children under 13 years do not need a licence
  • not fish anywhere you can see a 'no fishing' sign
  • not fish at night
  • put back everything you catch
  • not add anything to the water
  • not use keep nets or carp sacks
  • handle fish carefully and with wet hands
  • use unhooking mats to unhook large fish
  • not use live vertebrate animals or nuts as bait
  • not use lures, spoons, floating baits, barbed hooks, braided lines or spinners
  • not use more than two rods at once
  • remove any broken line so that water fowl do not get tangled