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Date updated: 18/05/2022

Epping Forest is a great location for outdoor filming and photographic shoots, providing a perfect backdrop of woodland scenery and much more.

You do need a licence to film or take photos for any commercial, student or non-profit projects. If you're not sure whether you need a licence, please ask us.


We often host shoots for:

  • Adverts
  • Short and feature films
  • TV programmes
  • Music videos
  • Studio shoots (portrait, safari-style or photography course shoots)
  • Student projects
  • And more

Why we require licences

Licensing is part of how we regulate filming and photography to make sure the Forest's conservation needs are considered during shoots, as well as the needs of visitors, nearby residents and other stakeholders. The process also ensures that shoots meet our health and safety requirements and other standards we're held to as an organisation. Thank you for your understanding.


Licence Fee
Commercial filming for 1-5 crew £491.00
Commercial filming for 6-20 crew £859.00
Commercial filming for 21-40 crew £1126.50
Commercial filming for 40+ crew Price on application
Commercial photography for 1-5 crew £375.50
Commercial photography for 6-15 crew £501.50
Commercial photography for 16-30 crew £626.00
Commercial photography for 30+ crew Price on application
Student and non-profit photography £27.00
One day 'studio shoot' licence for 1-6 people £60.00
Annual 'studio shoot' licence for 1-6 people £360.00

All of our fees (except our annual studio shoot licence) are day rates based on an 8 hour day.

If your shoot needs our staff to support you, we may charge you for their time as well.

Applying for a licence

To apply complete the application form and email it to Epping Forest. If you have any questions call 020 8532 1010.

Filming and photography licence form (311KB)
Date submitted: 27/11/19