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Date updated: 23/06/2022

The Hampstead Heath Extension playground is a popular playground which currently offers opportunities for young children and families to have fun, explore and be active. Working in conjunction with the local community, Hampstead Heath has launched an exciting project to broaden the age range of the play equipment, introduce natural play features and ensure the playground is accessible for all.

Before it became a public open space, the Heath Extension was farmland known as Wyldes Farm and the area still retains this character with individual fields, hedges and boundary trees. The playground is situated in what was the 'Lower Wield Pightle Field' on the farm. This setting has informed the design and materials, which are in keeping with the natural aspect of the Heath Extension and its rich history.

We need your support to raise £40,000 for this project. This will provide a wide range of play experiences in a safe enclosed area, allowing children of different ages and abilities to play together. Examples of additional play items that can be incorporated with your support include:

  • A basket swing
  • A fallen tree climbing structure
  • A platform slide
  • A woven willow structure
  • A rope trail
  • Additional seating
  • Grass mounds

We will also be repositioning some of the existing play equipment to enable better use of the playground space and encourage natural play through the addition of native planting around the outside of the playground. This will provide interesting smells, sounds and textures, support wildlife and improve biodiversity.

Every donation, whatever its value is vital to help transform the playground to provide a welcoming, accessible, challenging and fun play space on the Heath Extension.

The Hampstead Heath Extension has been owned and maintained by the City of London Corporation and is part of Hampstead Heath, a registered charity (charity number 803392).

Please note: If monies are raised above the required amount, they will be directed to similar projects to redevelop playgrounds within the Hampstead Heath charity.

As of June 2022, £5,992 has been raised thanks to your generous donations on this website.

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