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Date updated: 24/08/2023

Self-guided walk

The City of London is the oldest part of London, dating back to AD50. Roman invaders built a bridge over the River Thames - the only crossing into the City for 1700 years - and created a settlement around it, named Londinium. The new settlement was well placed on the river, and traders soon flocked to Londinium to buy and sell goods, making it an important commercial centre.

Roads to Rome: Self-guided Walk PDF (3MB)
Date submitted: 1/04/23

This walking trail explores Roman Londinium, taking in 13 sites along the way including some of the remains that are still visible today, and also provides the spark for you to imagine what the ancient settlement looked like. 

There are two ways you can follow this trail: half-way through you can choose to either take a short-cut to rejoin the trail nearer the end (taking approximately 90 minutes in total), or continue on for another hour to discover more of the City's most striking Roman remains.

The Archaeological Trust