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Date updated: 13/03/2023

Brief overview of departments and responsibilities

Town Clerk and Chief executive

Ian Thomas

Corporate departments

Assistant Town Clerk and Director of Member Services | Gregory Moore

Chamberlain and Chief Financial Officer | Caroline Al-Beyerty

Chief Commercial Officer | Genine Whitehorne

Chief Operating Officer | Emma Moore

Chief Strategy Officer | Dionne Corradine

City Surveyor & Executive Director of Property | Paul Wilkinson

Comptroller & City Solicitor | Michael Cogher

Deputy Town Clerk | Bob Roberts

Executive Director and Private Secretary to the Lord Mayor | Caroline Jack

Remembrancer | Paul Double

Service Departments

Executive Director, Environment | Juliemma McLoughlin

Executive Director, Community and Children’s Services | Clare Chamberlain

Executive Director, Innovation and Growth | Damian Nussbaum

Institutional Departments

Barbican Centre, Chief Executive Officer | Claire Spencer

Bridge House Estates, Chief Grants Officer | David Farnsworth

City of London Police, Commissioner | Angela McLaren

City of London School, Head | Alan Bird

City of London Freemen's School School, Headmaster | Roland Martin

City of London School for Girls, Headmistress | Jenny Brown

Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Principal | Jonathan Vaughan