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Date updated: 5/07/2021

William Russell

Lord Mayor

The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of London is an international ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector

Catherine McGuinness

Policy Chair

The Chair is elected annually and leads Policy and Resources Committee in its development of policies to support the financial services industry in London and the UK.

Jamie Ingham Clark

Finance Committee Chairman

Elected annually, the chairman supports the Lord Mayor and the Chairman of Policy and Resources in promoting the City by carrying out and implementing the overall strategies and policies of the City Corporation. As Chairman of the Finance Committee, he provides careful stewardship of the City Corporation’s funds, maintaining overall control of its income and expenditure. Each year the Chairman presents the Finance Committee's recommendations to the Court of Common Council seeking approval for the City Corporation's annual budget and the City’s non-domestic rate and Council Tax Levy.

Brian Mooney

Chief Commoner

The Chief Commoner holds office for one year and acts as a counsellor when required and takes the lead in relation to the scrutiny of training and development opportunities offered to councillors. He actively promotes the aims, values and responsibilities of the City of London Corporation internally - and externally in support of the Lord Mayor and the Policy Chairman and also takes the lead in relation to all matters of City Corporation hospitality.

The office of Chief Commoner, first established in 1444, is unique in that it is the only role now directly elected by the whole Court of Common Council and serves to recognise the contribution the office holder is likely to have made to the City Corporation over a number of years. The Chief Commoner is, therefore, the foremost representative of the elected councillors with regard to their rights and privileges - but equally, seeks to uphold the discipline and integrity of the Court.