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Date updated: 11/06/2024

As Political Leader of the City of London Corporation, the Policy Chairman acts as a principal spokesperson and advocate for London as a global financial and professional services capital. Financial and professional services drive the UK economy, generating over £85bn in economic output annually, contributing 12% in total tax revenue to the UK government.

As Policy Chairman, Chris steers the development and delivery of the City Corporation’s priorities through the work of the Policy and Resources Committee which oversees the provision of local government services for our 8,600 residents and over 600,000 workers based in the Square Mile. Beyond our remit for financial and professional services, the City Corporation is the UK’s fourth biggest funder of culture, is the primary sponsor of the renowned Guildhall School of Music & Drama, is principal supporter of the Barbican Centre, Europe’s largest cultural space, and is leading the £397m redevelopment of the London Museum.

Chris Hayward, Policy Chairman of the City of London Corporation

In a career spanning more than four decades, Chris has founded, led, and expanded companies across the UK and globally in a range of industries – including aviation, publishing, B2B business development and construction. He has balanced his professional responsibilities with a commitment to public service, engaging in British politics at both the local and national level since early adulthood. He is a former Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire and Dorset County Councils and was first elected to Common Council of the City of London Corporation in March 2013. He has previously served as Chairman of the City Corporation’s Planning & Transportation Committee and as Sheriff of the City of London from 2019-2021.

He continues to serve as a Non-Executive Director working with companies focused on property, infrastructure, civil-engineering, and planning.

Policy Chairman speeches

Net Zero Delivery Summit PDF (140KB)
Remarks showcasing the vital role of financial services in the climate fight, with focus on ‘Progress: Financing the Net Zero Transition’.
Date submitted: 11/06/24
City Week Keynote 2024 PDF (133KB)
Remarks outlining the challenges and celebrating the opportunities facing financial services, with a particular focus on ‘AI for Innovation’.
Date submitted: 29/05/24
Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Global Wealth Conference PDF (103 KB)
Remarks welcoming representatives of sovereign wealth funds to the City and showcasing London’s offerings as an excellent place for global investment.
Date submitted: 29/05/24
Corporate Plan Launch PDF (85KB)
Remarks celebrating the launch of the City of London Corporation’s new Corporate Plan and first-ever People Strategy.
Date submitted: 30/05/24
Fabian Society Conference PDF (137KB)
Remarks opening the Fabian’s Society conference, showcasing how financial and professional services can increase economic growth and prosperity.
Date submitted: 27/02/24
Policy and Resources Committee Dinner PDF (171KB)
Remarks on ‘Leadership for New Opportunities’ suggesting reforms to trade policy and harnessing AI to boost economic growth across the UK.
Date submitted: 29/02/24
US Office Opening- New York Launch Reception PDF (125KB)
Remarks celebrating the launch of City Corporation’s new office in the US and welcoming the financial services links between London and New York.
Date submitted: 24/01/24

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