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Date created: 7/08/2020

Photographs can be found throughout the collections at LMA as positive or negative images. Many are arranged in topographical and subject series but we also hold collections by individual photographers and collections compiled by institutions, for example hospitals and businesses. Particular strengths are the recording of London's architecture, including schools and housing, and images portraying Londoners. Other photographs found in our archive collections record London's national and international outlook. 

Highlights include:

Society for Photographing Relics of London. The Society was established to record buildings thought to be under threat of demolition following concerns at the rapid pace of change and the redevelopment of the City. Over a hundred photographs were produced between 1875 and 1886. 

The London County Council (LCC) / Greater London Council (GLC) collection. This collection alone holds over 300,000 photographs depicting all aspects of London life and documenting over 100 years of metropolitan activity in the capital. Many have been digitised and are available on Collage: The London Picture Archive.

George W F Ellis Collection. Ellis was a commercial photographer who recorded London and Londoners in the 1920s. His collection is available to view on Collage.

Chris Schwarz Collection. Chris Schwarz was the photographer in residence at the Albany theatre in Deptford, south east London, in the 1970s and early 1980s. As well as photographing the activities at the Albany he also recorded life in Deptford and the surrounding area.