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1000 Years of London's History

London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is a public research centre which specialises in the history of London, caring for and providing access to the historical archives of businesses, schools, hospitals, charities and all manner of other organisations from the London area. With over 100km of books, maps, photographs, films and documents dating back to 1067 in our strong rooms, we're proud to provide access to one of the finest city archives in the world - you could call it the memory of London.

If you can't visit LMA, you can still access many of our collections online and participate in our online events and activities - check our digital resources page for more details.

Exhibition - 'Lost Victorian City: a London disappeared'

Lost Victorian City Exhibition

Current projects

Some of the work currently being undertaken or recently completed at LMA

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Stacked end to end, the shelves which house the LMA collections would stretch further than London to Brighton!

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Search the LMA Catalogue


Here we highlight some of the latest news and research which has come from the LMA collections

The London Picture Archive

Discover the London you know, and the London you've never seen...

Explore over 250,000 images of London from the collections of London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery

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