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Date updated: 13/04/2023

Building Control is primarily about ensuring building work complies with minimum standards for Health and Safety of persons in and around buildings, conservation of fuel and power, and accessibility. The City of London's duty is set out in the Building Act 1984 and other relevant building legislation.

These standards have been approved by Parliament and have developed since the Great Fire of London in 1666. In 1667 an Act was passed for the rebuilding of London and provided for surveyors to be appointed. That is why Building Control Officers in the City of London are called District Surveyors.

Our team of highly experienced surveyors work alongside designers and contractors to achieve compliance with the regulations by giving guidance and assistance at the earliest stages of the design. We also work closely with the London Fire brigade, City of London Planning Department, Environmental Health and others involved in the construction process.

Building control also looks after certain other aspects of construction, including controlling demolition, licensing temporary and special structures, and dealing with dangerous structures. The City of London Corporation has powers to enforce Building Regulations 2010.