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Conservation areas

The City of London has 28 conservation areas which are areas of special architectural and historic interest, the character and appearance of which are desirable to preserve or enhance and to which special planning controls are applied to developments.

Go to the City of London Interactive Map and select the 'Conservation Areas' under the 'Conservation' tab to display each conservation area.

For a general introduction to conservation areas read the Conservation Areas in the City of London: A general introduction to their character.

We have produced or intend to produce a Character Summary and Management Strategy, a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), for each conservation area.

The SPD for each conservation area identifies and analyses the area’s principal characteristics, explains its significance and provides detailed guidance on the City's planning policies. It is prepared in accordance with a public consultation process before it is finalised and adopted.

If an SPD hasn't yet been prepared there is a separate Character Summary and Management Strategy.

Conservation area consultations

When an SPD is being prepared, there will be a separate SPD consultation page.

The City of London has designated a new conservation area, Creechurch Conservation Area