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Date updated: 25/06/2024


The City of London Corporation is working on designs to transform the streets on the 1970’s St Paul's gyratory. The project area stretches from the Museum of London roundabout to St Paul's underground station and is characterised by wide, vehicle-dominated highways, including King Edward Street, St Martin's Le Grand and Newgate Street. The intention is to make these streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists and create a greener, more pleasant environment.

The project will be delivered in two phases. Phase 1 covers the project area to the south of the rotunda roundabout. Phase 2 focuses on highway changes to the roundabout and is linked to the Museum of London/Bastion House redevelopment which was granted planning permission in April 2024.

A public consultation on the proposals took place in summer 2023 and detailed information on the proposals can be seen on the St Paul's Gyratory Commonplace website. The consultation results and feedback can be seen in the following committee papers.

The proposed new highway layout was approved by the City Corporation's Streets and Walkways Committee in January 2024. Details are published in Agenda item 6 of the Streets and Walkways Sub Committee 30 January.

The new highway layout enables the closure of the southern section of King Edward Street to traffic, resulting in the creation of a new public space of approximately 3000m2, provisionally called Greyfriars Square. The developed design for the new square was approved by the Streets and Walkways Committee in May 2024 and more details can be found in Agenda item 4 of the Streets and Walkways Sub Committee 14 May.

We are intending to commence work on phase 1 in Spring 2025, with completion around two years later in Spring 2027. The timing of phase 2 is dependent on progress with the new development at London Wall West (the site of the Museum of London and Bastion House).

Contact the St Paul's Gyratory Transformation Project Team if you have any questions or comments.


Frequently asked questions (108KB)
Frequently asked questions from the St Paul's Gyratory Transformational Project
Date submitted: 20/07/23
St Paul's Gyratory Project Area Plan PDF (435KB)
Annotated plan of the St Paul's Gyratory project area
Date submitted: 13/09/22