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Date updated: 19/02/2024


The City of London Corporation is working on designs to transform the streets on the 1970’s St Paul's gyratory. The project area stretches from the Museum of London roundabout to St Paul's underground station and is characterised by wide, vehicle-dominated highways, including King Edward Street, St Martin's Le Grand and Newgate Street. The intention is to make these streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists and create a greener, more pleasant environment.

The Court of Common Council approved Option 1/1A, and a formal consultation was held earlier this year. A summary of the results is below.

The design layouts for these options are below with more details including vehicle journey times which are published in Agenda item 8 of the Common Council 22 June.

The City of London Corporation's Streets and Walkways Committee approved the project to move forward to the construction planning stage. Details are published in Agenda item 6 of the Streets and Walkways Sub Committee 30 January. Phase 1 includes all the streets south of roundabout and it is planned to be built during 2024 and 2025. Phase 2 is connected to the potential new development at London Wall West (the site of the Museum of London and Bastion House). 

Contact the St Paul's Gyratory Transformation Project Team if you have any questions or comments.

The six week public consultation August-October, gathering over 1,500 comments from a diverse range of almost 500 participants.

Overall, the views were notably positive, with around 67% of the participants fully supporting the overall proposals. This was often in the context of participants being directly affected by potential changes. The positive response was from all ages, among those with a number of different connections to the area and among those using a number of different travel modes in and around the area. This contrasted with 11% expressing strong opposition.

Across four of the six proposals, the majority of participants gave positive/mostly positive feedback. This peaked for the proposals for walking (80% positive feedback) and cycling (75% positive feedback) with a 65% positive response for the proposal for new public space. This was frequently underpinned by common themes, including views that the proposals would enhance the pedestrian and cyclist experience, improve safety, encourage active and sustainable travel, improve mental and physical health and relaxation, whilst greening the area and reducing vehicular dominance.

The proposals for waiting and loading (55% positive feedback) and bus routes (49% positive feedback) were less popular, though positive views still exceeded those of a more critical nature. Vehicle route proposals attracted the highest level of negative feedback (47%) with some associated concerns about traffic congestion, confusion and displacement.

In January 2024, a report will be submitted to the Streets & Walkways Committee, summarising the consultation results and detailing any design changes we have made. If the report is approved, detailed designs will be finalised with an aim of starting construction in late 2024.

If you would like to read all the consultation results email St Paul's Gyratory Project Transformation Team

St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 1 PDF (1232KB)
St Paul Gyratory Proposal Option 1
Date submitted: 6/12/22
St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 1A PDF (1271KB)
St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 1A
Date submitted: 4/07/23
St Paul's Gyratory - Executive Summary (676KB)
Executive Summary of our initial public survey undertaken in December 2022 and January 2023.
Date submitted: 15/02/23
Frequently asked questions (108 KB)
Frequently asked questions from the St Paul's Gyratory Transformational Project
Date submitted: 20/07/23
St Paul's Gyratory Project Area Plan PDF (435KB)
Annotated plan of the St Paul's Gyratory project area
Date submitted: 13/09/22