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​London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) produces detailed policies on key aspects of the archive service. These are grouped into two areas, those which relate to 'stewardship' of archives, ie our collecting policy, and archive conservation and preservation policy, and 'access' policies, ie what we do to provide an archive service and make the information in our care available to the public.

All policies are dated and may be revised by LMA as appropriate. These policies are reviewed at least every two years to keep them up to date. We will endeavour to have the most up-to-date versions available on this page. Please note that more policies will appear on this site as they are drafted and ratified. If you cannot find a matter of LMA policy addressed in the files below, please contact the enquiry team.

LMA has carried out an Equalities Impact Assessment of the archive service function it administers on behalf of the City of London Corporation (this document is available to view on request).