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Date updated: 12/09/2023

Reproduction fees are normally payable. Please ask staff on site, or contact our enquiry team for further details.

Fees and charges for LMA copying services

Please note that all these prices apply to orders made in person in our Archive Study Area, once you have consulted original documents yourself.

The type of copying process used depends on your requirements as well as our preservation guidelines. For this reason, very few records are considered suitable for photocopying. Alternative methods, such as digital scanning, are normally offered. Details of the range of available processes can be seen below.

All prices quoted include VAT at 20%.

If you are unable to visit us, we can provide copies of documents in our care, providing they are in good enough condition to withstand the copying process. We can consult the document(s) for you and advise you of the appropriate process, together with the cost, and set up your order for you.

Distance orders incur an additional research fee of a minimum of £20 for assessing the cost of copies from one document; requests from multiple documents are charged at a minimum of £40 because of the work we need to do to satisfy the order. Typically we need to identify the original item(s) fully, have it produced from the strongrooms, assess what form of copying is most suitable and provide costing's (often involving further discussion with the enquirer).

The rates are set according to our hourly Paid Document Research Service rate. It reflects the fact that we have to undertake work on behalf of distance users which we do not have to undertake when the enquiry is in person, and that in our experience the fees represent a reasonable average time needed to deal with all the processes around such requests. Please contact our enquiry team for information.

All negatives, digital images and electronic files will remain the copyright of the City of London and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of London Metropolitan Archives.