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Date updated: 21/11/2022

Cold water habituation

If you decide to swim through the colder months please do so carefully. Start off slowly, and only spend a short amount of time in the water. Gradually increase your swimming time each day until you are fully habituated.

Please remember the risks associated with cold water swimming, even for regular winter swimmers:

  • Dangers include hypothermia, and cold shock or Sudden Immersion Syndrome.
  • Enter the water carefully, and avoid diving, especially if you are new to cold water swimming.
  • Know your limits and leave the water if you have any concerns or if advised by the Lifeguards.
  • After your swim, warm up slowly with plenty of layers. Sip hot drinks, and avoid hot showers and vigorous exercise - warming too quickly can be dangerous.
  • Speak to your GP about any medical conditions before you swim.