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Date updated: 18/05/2022

Collections at LMA

The 'invisibility' of the LGBTQ+ community within wider society prior to mid 20th century mean records tend to be mainly found in official sources. Evidence of the LGBTQ+ community can be found in the archives of courts, hospitals, local authorities and other organisations' collections. Rich information can be found, although individual cases are 'buried' within record series and in the main are not described in detail in the LMA's catalogues.

The LMA Collections Catalogue has a full research guide on LGBTQ+ Community Archives held at LMA.

Open the LMA LGBTQ+ Research Guide
Out Loud: London Metropolitan LGBTQ+ Archives
Out Loud: London Metropolitan LGBTQ+ Archives

Out Loud

A community of depositors, volunteers, project partners and researchers have come together to create Out Loud: London Metropolitan LGBTQ+ Archives.

Our vision is to be a living centre for principles, practice, promotion and performance that connects archives to the LGBTQ+ communities they serve. As well as this annual conference we run monthly events and workshops; CPD and other training; sessions for schools and universities; and develop and deliver grant-funded projects.

LGBTQ+ History Club

Every month, LMA's LGBTQ+ History Club meets to discuss and share issues and ideas in LGBTQ+ history. Check Eventbrite for details of each month's topics

Find out about forthcoming LGBTQ+ History Club meetings at LMA
Unorthodox: The 18th Annual LGBTQ+ History Conference logo
Unorthodox: The 18th Annual LGBTQ+ History Conference logo

LGBTQ+ Annual History Conference

In December 2020, LMA hosted the 18th LQBTQ+ Annual History Conference.

Unorthodox, held in December 2020, asked: what are the missing voices in LGBTQI+ history?

In what way do faith, religion and belief intersect with sexuality, transition(ing), identity and dissent? How can we redress the invisibility, erasure and misconceptions of LGBTQI+ people in general, and LGBTQI+ people of faith in particular?

Unorthodox: Programme of the 18th Annual LGBTQ+ History Conference 2020 PDF (3.6MB)
Date submitted: 11/02/21