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Date updated: 21/03/2024


This Corporate Plan informs effective use of resources and guides planning and decision-making for the City of London Corporation from 2024 to 2029 through six strategic outcomes, ultimately ensuring everything we do aligns to our mission to be world-class.

Recognising we are responsible for a range of stakeholders across multiple locations, we have developed this Corporate Plan through extensive engagement. This plan does not detail the full extent of activities we undertake, but is intended to be used by everyone associated with the City of London Corporation.

Three lenses were used to develop the City of London Corporation Corporate Plan 2024 to 2029. These were:

  1. Global and external trends
  2. Internal and external engagement
  3. Business: completed, planned and ongoing (for example, political commitments, statutory obligations and corporate priorities)


This Corporate Plan is a living document which is being monitored, reviewed, and refreshed during the five-year period, with progress published annually. It includes positive outcomes which are measurable by assessing impact. These measures will be further developed and refined during the lifetime of the plan.

The plan also:

  • ties individual contribution to our core purpose
  • builds on the past and lays a foundation for the future
  • is informed by extensive engagement and collaboration
  • recognises spheres of operation and influence in the Square Mile, London, nationally, and globally
  • will be implemented through and alongside other strategies and programmes
  • is agile and iterative to respond to new challenges
  • will be embedded in all areas of work, from business plans to individual staff reports, acting as a ‘golden thread’ across the organisation


The six Corporate Plan outcomes are of equal importance, reflecting the vast portfolios covered by the City of London Corporation. They are interlinked and delivered through activities across the organisation and in partnership with our stakeholders. We will strive for equity, equality, diversity and inclusion to ensure impactful delivery.

  • Diverse Engaged Communities
  • Dynamic Economic Growth
  • Leading Sustainable Environment
  • Vibrant Thriving Destination
  • Providing Excellent Services
  • Flourishing Public Spaces

These outcomes bring to life priorities gathered from feedback we received about our focus during the next five years. We gathered this feedback from the diverse communities we serve, including residents and businesses and the sectors we represent. The outcomes also encapsulate wider considerations about safety, security, social value, sustainability, open spaces, economic competitiveness, and accessibility.

This Corporate Plan is a catalyst for excellence. Combining improved ways of working, strategy and culture, and collaborative leadership to best use resources. Our goal is for the City of London Corporation to be a world-class organisation. One that is resilient, responsive and agile; and seizes, leverages and creates opportunities for all.