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Date updated: 21/03/2024


"From our markets and cultural icons, such as the Barbican, to our world-famous bridges and amazing green spaces, we are stewards of unique national assets. Major capital investment into our civic fabric will secure flourishing public spaces, enabling a more successful London overall."

Context and impact

£38 million

We invest over £38m a year managing open spaces, which attract over 47 million visits annually.

New civic hub

We are creating a new civic hub at Salisbury Square in the heart of London’s legal centre to be the headquarters of the City of London Police and a flagship combined court for His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service.

11,000 acres

We manage over 11,000 acres of open space in London and southeast England, including Burnham Beeches, Epping Forest, and Hampstead Heath.

Sole trustee

We are the sole trustee of City Bridge Foundation, which is a world-class bridge owner, and responsible for five Thames crossings, and London’s biggest independent charity funder.

Vibrant cultural and commercial offer

We are reinvigorating a part of the City at Smithfield with a vibrant cultural and commercial offer and providing a new home for the Museum of London.

10,000 jobs

We are co-locating London’s markets – Billingsgate and Smithfield – in purpose-built facilities at Dagenham Dock to secure their long-term future, with an ambition to relocate New Spitalfields at a later date, bringing over 10,000 jobs and investment to Greater London.

500 organisations

City Bridge Foundation supports over 500 organisations across London at any one time and awards over £30 million a year to charitable organisations across the capital, funding causes from child poverty to female equality. It has made an additional £200m of funding available to 2026.

Our actions

  1. Complete the development at Salisbury Square, creating a new civic hub in the Square Mile, including a headquarters for the City of London Police and a new modern facility for HM Courts and Tribunals Service, combining Magistrates, Crown and Civil Courts in the heart of London’s legal centre.
  2. Relocate Smithfield meat market and Billingsgate fish market to a purpose-built site at Dagenham.
  3. Relocate the London Museum to the former Smithfield market buildings. This will help create a world-class learning experience and tell the story of the capital in more compelling and innovative ways.
  4. Deliver a major project to refurbish the Barbican Arts Centre.
  5. Deliver the St Paul’s Gyratory project to achieve better traffic management and increased pedestrianisation.
  6. Ensure our open spaces and historic sites are thriving, accessible and enrich people’s lives.

Performance measures

  1. Deliver regeneration and redevelopment projects.
  2. Increase in natural environment biodiversity.
  3. Optimise our performance as a committed trustee for all our charities, including City Bridge Foundation.