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Date updated: 21/03/2024

Our objective

"Monitoring and reporting on corporate performance through the use of appropriate measures and methodologies (including objective key results) will ensure we are on track to achieve our stated outcomes. It will allow us to report progress, map success, and identify areas that may benefit from additional resource, or where improvement may be required."

Our aspirations

For each outcome, an initial selection of performance measures have been identified that will allow us to keep track of progress. These are based on agreed metrics that support existing strategies and business plans, and will be refined over the lifetime of this corporate plan.

Our aim is to track both quantitative and qualitive performance information, and report on this annually. Reporting mechanisms will be iterative. This is a new way of working as we develop data maturity and capability.

Our reporting will improve year on year as more data becomes available and is used for our analytical work, and will extend to the development of scorecards and dashboards.

Some targets already exist within our suite of performance metrics; the same is true for benchmarking and SMART measures. Once we have sufficient data and have improved our data management capabilities, we will include a more expansive suite of comparative metrics in this Corporate Plan.