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Date updated: 22/03/2024

"Whichever lens you use to view the City of London Corporation – be it a global voice of financial and professional services, an economic powerhouse, a London leader, the custodian of the Square Mile, or a place you call home – we have significant challenges and opportunities to navigate. "

Over the next five years, we will provide leadership at local, London-wide, national, and international levels through the outcomes articulated in our new Corporate Plan. This Corporate Plan provides direction and leadership on the issues that matter, including tackling the climate crisis; growing the economy to support jobs and businesses and fund public services; and embracing new technologies that can transform education and healthcare. This is leadership not just for our generation, but for the generations of the future.

Our status as a global financial powerhouse faces international competition like never before. Dynamic economic growth and being globally competitive is vital to the success of people and businesses not just in the financial and professional services sector, or the City, but the entire country. We will press forward with our Vision for Economic Growth to help unlock investment and create prosperity, creating more jobs and helping to fund the public services we all rely on.

"By improving our public services and cultural offer, we want our residents to be able to call the Square Mile the best place to live."

The Square Mile serves as the engine of the UK economy. It generates £85bn in economic output annually, supporting 615,000 jobs and businesses ranging from our vital SMEs to global giants. Our financial and professional services firms underpin modern life, supporting everything from daily purchases to major life moments. This sector is a truly nation-wide industry, with two-thirds of the 2.5m jobs outside of London. We will continue to partner with regional and local leaders, trade associations and businesses to promote our sector and deliver on its contributions.

The City, and the UK, must strengthen our economic security. This is vital for our prosperity. Our dedicated City of London Police has an important role to play – nationally and locally, online and on our streets – in ensuring that the City has the safest and most secure business environment in the world.

In London, the City of London Corporation not only governs our capital’s financial district but helps drive its overall success. Our major capital investments into London’s civic fabric and public realm will support national cultural icons for all to enjoy. We are partnering with the Greater London Authority to build a new world-class London Museum. We are creating an international justice hub through our development at Salisbury Square. And we are relocating Billingsgate and Smithfield markets to Barking and Dagenham, creating over 10,000 new jobs. As the sole trustee of the City Bridge Foundation, London’s biggest independent charity funder, we donate over £30m across the capital annually.

In the City itself, changing economic conditions and working patterns mean we must promote and secure a magnetic place that attracts businesses and people alike. Being a successful and safe area – a world-leading business district and leisure destination that appeals to residents, workers, companies, and visitors alike – is vital for our long-term prospects. Crucial to our success is creating a safe and vibrant destination in the Square Mile. The world of work has changed and will continue to do so. Enticing workers back to the office means earning their commute. That requires excellence across a range of factors from business appeal to transport, policing to the built environment, hospitality to promoting our cultural offer, and more.

"This Corporate Plan showcases not only our commitment to the residents, businesses and communities we serve in the Square Mile, but emphasises our leadership in contributing to the UK’s future prosperity."

I am immensely proud to serve as the Policy Chairman of the City of London Corporation. Working together, there is no limit to what we can, and will, achieve.

Chris Hayward