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Date updated: 21/03/2024


"Supporting people to live healthy, independent lives and achieve their ambitions is dependent on excellent services. Vital to that continued pursuit is enabling access to effective adult and children’s social care, outstanding education, lifelong learning, quality housing, and combatting homelessness."

Context and impact

Focused strategies

We have a joint public health team with Hackney, delivering services commissioned to improve the health and wellbeing of the City’s different populations, and focused strategies, like our Carers Strategy, capturing our specific aims and driving forward the work we do.

Support rough sleepers

We commission the City of London Outreach Team service, delivered by Thames Reach, to support rough sleepers into permanent and safe accommodation.

Undertake controls

We run the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, operate the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, provide animal health services London-wide, and as the London Port Health Authority, we undertake controls on imported food and feed through London’s ports.

£700,000 annually

We invest £700,000 annually in the Grange Road hostel run by St Mungo’s in Southwark, helping some of the Square Mile’s most vulnerable rough sleepers with complex needs.

Support the City's most vulnerable

We work to support the City’s most vulnerable and those who are facing hardship by tackling health inequalities, providing safe and secure homes, delivering education to children and adults, and delivering services enhancing the welfare of the City’s communities. We do this by maximising the use and reach of our assets and through partnerships with health, policing, and neighbouring authorities.

12 hosing estates

We are a social landlord with 12 housing estates across the City of London and six neighbouring London boroughs.

Warm spaces

We manage five libraries which we have promoted as warm spaces in winter to help people facing rising energy and living costs.

Unique family of schools

We have a unique family of schools comprising a maintained primary school, sponsored academies in London boroughs, and independent schools.

Vital link

We provide a vital link in the food supply chain for London and the South of England by operating food markets.

Our actions

  1. Support others to provide outstanding education, lifelong learning, and skills.
  2. Deliver new social rented homes and focus on housing management quality and service standards.
  3. Improve housing management, communication and engagement across our social housing portfolio and the Barbican Estate.
  4. Complete a refurbishment programme for the Grade II listed Golden Lane Estate.
  5. Promote the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of people of all ages.
  6. Focus on equality, diversity and inclusion to improve social mobility and reduce inequalities, including health inequalities.
  7. Respond to new adult social care legislation and inspection requirements.
  8. Continue, through our Carers Strategy, to provide support to carers.
  9. Protect and promote public, animal and environmental health (including at our borders) and consumer protection.
  10. Provide our Licensing Service, considering the views of our residents, workers and visitors with a business-friendly approach.
  11. Improve air quality and control excessive noise in the Square Mile.
  12. Provide a responsive street cleaning service.
  13. Use libraries and community spaces to support learning, tackle social isolation, and build resilience.
  14. Implement a new homelessness strategy and help prevent homelessness by reviewing and revising the supported accommodation pathway.

Performance measures

  1. Maintain high quality services, including children’s and adult social care.
  2. Deliver high quality housing, including meeting the Decent Homes Standard and energy efficiency standards, and increase satisfaction with our housing repair service.
  3. Improve educational attainment and equity.